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I Am Making Art is a video made by John Baldessari in 1971. In his video, Baldessari articulates the words “I am making art” while performing minute motions with different body parts. Baldessari’s video puts into question the work of artists in the 1960s and 1970s who saw their own body movements and gestures as an art medium. John Baldessari uses his body to create art, while at the same time questioning the work of other artists who do the same.

Baldessari's original video was 18 minutes long. Even watching this short clip, the meaning of the words he says gets lost somewhere around the third time he recites them. The video is so monotonous that the viewer goes into a meditative state. In my own video, I wanted to recreate these aspects of Baldessari's video. I used Baldessari's mantra "I am making art" in a video that at the same time explores and challenges digital art. My goal is to try to understand and question the work of contemporary digital artists. 

Here is a link to the John Baldessari video: http://www.vdb.org/titles/i-am-making-art

Here is a link to the video I made: https://vimeo.com/61349712

John Baldessari asks the questions: What makes something art? Is it art because he is announcing that he is "making art"?

If people can use their bodies to make art, can anyone make art? If people can use a computer or an iphone to make art, is everyone an artist?

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