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                                               since  feeling is first                                                                                                   who pays any attention                                          
                                               to the syntax of things
                                             will never wholly kiss you;                                                                  

                                                 wholly to be a fool                                               
                                           while Spring is in the world                                      

                                                my blood approves,                                              
                                            and kisses are better fate                                              
                                                    than wisdom                                                        
                                       lady i swear by all flowers. Don't cry                                  
                                  ---the best gesture of my brain is less than                              
                                         your eyelids' flutter which says                                                  

                                           we are for each other: then                                              
                                        laugh, leaning back in my arms                                         
                                             for life's not a paragraph                                                             

                                       And death i think is no parenthesis                                                      


     I decided to create a Net Art project, which you can access here, using hypertext because one of the best things about the Internet in my opinion is that it is not linear: a single web page can contain numerous links to other pages, and when "surfing" you often don't realize how you've ended up on a certain page. I think it's very interesting how this interconnectivity allows us to explore different media and be very easily distracted by things that are very vaguely related to what we initially intended to research (an example are the "related" and "suggested" videos on our YouTube homepages). Thus, my project explores what it's like to read on the Internet these days, considering the fact that there are so many "distraction-links" present everywhere. 
    One of my favorite poems is E.E. Cumming's "Since feeling is first" so I thought I'd use it as a starting point. You can read the original poem here or on the left; since the poem is quite popular I assumed that most people would have read it and would thus notice immediately that I completely rearranged most of the poem's lines and words in order to keep up with the "who pays any attention/ to the syntax of things" idea. In fact, my whole project plays on the idea of syntax (hence the title). For example, although the title of the website is Hyper-Syntax, its URL is: https://sites.google.com/a/brown.edu/*syntax-hyper*/ and the the titles of all of the other pages of the website are spelled backwards: "Emoh" being "home", "Doohdlich" - "childhood", "Doohtluda" - "adulthood", "Ege dlo" - "old age", "Htaed" - "death", "Efilretfa" - "afterlife" and "Htrib" - birth.


     My project is, simply put, a web site, composed of several web pages. On the "Emoh" page, I've written out E.E. Cumming's poem by rearranging the lines, creating new line breaks and including images instead of words on a couple of occasions (image of lips instead of the verb "kiss", an image of a brain, instead of the word "brain" etc.) Some but not all of the words contain links to other pages, inside and outside of my website. I've tried to link the words to other web pages that are in some way related to the specific word. However, I've intentionally not been very strict about it and tried to just go with my first association since it so often happens on the Internet that some of the suggested or related links are completely out of context.  

    I've linked to various YouTube videos, songs, a Wikipedia entry, a dictionary, a game and a few other websites. The line "And death i think is no parenthesis" is the only one that links to the other pages in the same website in this order: doohdlich -> doohtluda -> ege dlo -> htaed -> efilretfa (childhood -> adulthood -> old age -> death -> afterlife; only one image or word on those pages leads to the next one however); once you've reach the "afterlife" page, it's blank but there are hidden links, leading to "hell", "heaven", "nothing" and "resurrection", which leads to the "htrib" page from which you can go back to the "emoh" one.  

    I tried to keep things fun and make reading this poem entertaining!


  I used Google sites to create the website because it provided a fairly easy to use (and free) platform. However, I did use a bit of HTML coding in order to make the pages open in new tabs and to make sure the hypertext isn't underlined and colored in the same way, so that it's not so easy to spot which words contain a link and which don't. I tried to make the pages visually appealing and colorful and use random fonts, sizes and spaces between words.




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