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Hugo Ball bemoaned in his Dada Manifesto the loss of freedom and self-determination in modern day verbal language: “It's a question of connections, and of loosening them up a bit to start with. I don't want words that other people have invented. All the words are other people's inventions. I want my own stuff, my own rhythm, and vowels and consonants too, matching the rhythm and all my own.” Through his performed sound poems like Karawane, Ball was able to take small bits of information from his language system and recombine them in a new medium in a schema foreign to the original language system in order to reclaim its original power.

I’ve noticed that with the rising use of personal computers in everyday life we are constantly, absent-mindedly inputting a stream of nonsensical fragmented language into computer interfaces without thinking about its implications (I’m talking about typing “youtu” or “watch gossip girl online free” into your browser where your computer usually correctly self-completes the input command). Much like in the Dada era, we are unquestioningly made to use a language very much not our own (the problem of the rigid confines of any communicative language still persists, but newly arisen is the problem of the rigid confines of computer systems that literally won’t work if improper illogical language is used) however, unlike conventional language in the Dada era it comes ready-made broken and nonsensical. I'd like to find an awareness of and tangibility to these kinds of communications that I see as a sad powerless mutation of Ball's uninhibited surreal sound poems; its aesthetic without its message.

I plan to record a certain duration of my own computer usage and later collect all the language commands I used during that time. I’ll then input them in chronological order to some sort of online text-to-speech device ( to create an auditory manifestation of my digital verbal communication. I’ll then likely do something further with this final product, perhaps think of some clever way of presenting it in a more performance art air as a nod to the original piece, or look for a way to reclaim the brainless quality of computer interface verbal interaction to make my update piece less negative and more celebratory like the original work. However, I think this is something that will have to come out of the process of making this piece so I’m a bit hazy during these planning stages on the exact shape it will take.

Final Project

The Reciter:

The Poems:

Hugpo ball sound poen

Communist manifesto Dada manifesto Fac Yo Grimm Teather

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Eliuzaizabeth Hey Ga! Stage1 Hope all is well with you! Just checking in and seeing if you’re planningstil still planning on visiting any time soon. I just finished with my super busy weeks so now’d would be a good time to stop by. I had dinner with Matt Munisteri in Providence the other day! It was his first time back in roughly 30 years I think-got to hear some funny stories about the Mitchell clan. Addie By the way, Love, One last thing I wanted to ask was if you’d makee a donation to the CDB shcchlolarship-I had the most amazing time by the way-because they’re lookingin need of large quantities of small donations to balance out donator sorources on tax forms (Srearah Barter, the mwoman who funds the majority of the program just donated an additional 55$million so they’re scrambling to And grandpa could Two sepearate s Get more names on their donor list.).to balance things out. It doesn’t have to be a large amocan be only a few dollars even and it really helps the foundation. (I feel like a door-to-door salesman/Ponzi Ponze scheme  Scheme writing this stuff, sorry!) Anyway, they’d really aprpreciate your help. Lostts of people asked about you at the conference too! It looks like you can donate at this link So if you still have time.

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The way I see it

I’m telling the computer to suck it you have to say the shit I put into you.

Made me more aware of whart I was inputting into the computer

Problem used tob be that we were using highly regularized words without thinking about their implications

Problem now is that we are using highly erratic nonsensical words without thinking about their implications

Project does two things: meakes me more aware of what im writing into my computer---the longer I did this exercise the more I thought about what I was typing. Caught myself making consitenconscientious decisions to write certain things. Two

The problem of today is not that language is too universalized, the problem is that it is too relaxed. It is no longer revolutionary to make our own words--lol gif zomg asdjzSd-- So in htethe digital age, rather than turn formal language into expressive, individualized nonsense, I am turning already nonsensical language into an organized, compiled whole. By making the computer read the poem, rather than me, I’m also in a way forcing the interface I had previously unconsciously been interacting with to read aloud a non-logical, human language. This adds another layer of interpretation onto the piece, wherein the sense of expressivity and individualization in the original piece is mirrored in forcing the computer to vocalize and revel in all the verbal content I directly input into it; I am making it do nothing but say the things I told it, felt necessary to tell it in interacting with it

Finding purpose in language through self-directed nonsense---that is my interpretation of the original piece

Finding awareness of self-directed nonsense in language to inspire more purposeful language use---that is my reinterpretation of the piece in the digital era

This poem will not have organizational flow but I will take accountability for everything in it in the order in which it appears

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