Hamster Rave

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Today, we spend a lot of time on the Internet. Hours can go by before you realize that hours have gone by while you're surfing the net. This often happens when we are looking at things that don't have any real importance to us like funny cats, Harlem Shake videos, or BuzzFeed lists of "places you would never imagine existed". My website, which can be accessed here (I'll put a warning for epileptic people here: do not click on it if you have epilepsy), is supposed to do the opposite of what most websites do. Instead of sucking you in, Hamster Rave is not a place you want to be for very long. The flashing colors and repetitive techno music are supposed to drive away viewers.


I decided to use hamsters and rave music because they reflect current Internet culture. They are supposed to draw people into the site, spark interest. Hamster Rave is made to appear like a normal object of the Internet. 

I've tested the site on some people. I don't tell them what it is and just ask them to click on it. They were alarmed and clicked out of the window shortly after the music started playing. Many of them asked me along the lines of "Why would you make this?". Hamster Rave is not something typical of the Internet yet it couldn't exist anywhere else but the Internet. I like the idea that although the Internet seems like a place where anyone could do anything, people still follow a certain set of codes and protocols when they interact with it. Hamster Rave aims to break those codes and protocols and make you aware of them at the same time. 

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