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After looking around and reading arguments from both sides, it seems inevitable that the debate about gun control will have to change.  With the advent of more available 3D printing, it seems almost impossible to be able to stop the spread of weapons.  Because of this, I decided to go down a kind of agnostic route.  All I have done is create a series of free downloadable gun accessories for gun owners.  I used the same Defense Distributed page to house these accessories.  I changed the page slightly to make the page seem less like it was taking a hard stand on the gun control debate and create more of a "fun" environment.  

Here is my site. 

Here is the original site.

Free STUFF would be a body of work of 3D CAD models that would be made available for download online.  They would be presented on a page that would be easily accessible and understandable.   Each of the pieces would deal with the idea of being free and would/could also ask the viewer to think about the potential reprocussions of free knowledge/stuff.  I would be creating individual art objects that would be able to downloaded and owned for free.  

Potential Subject Matter:

Although a touchy subject at the moment, I might or might not begin to play around with the availability of gun/their strange large presence online in the 3D Modeling communities/ .  This is something that disturbs me slightly and might be to overtly political at the moment so I might stay away from it.

I would/could be playing around with reconstructing famous expensive physical objects in CAD that would now not cost any money and would be available for anyone anywhere to own. 

Some quick info on 3D printing:

3D printing has advanced tremendously in the past couple of years.  We have gone from using rapid prototyping technologies to create crude models to creating real working parts.  3D printing has also become very inexpensive.  With companies like Maker Bot it has also become possible to own personal 3D printers.  With the help of online communities people have been able to print/share/design/improve upon existing ideas and designs. 

Within the art world several groups of people have tried to use 3D printing as a medium. 

For example:

3D printing also has some slightly scary implications.  Most recently, someone was able to print a working gun.

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