Free Project Proposal - Free BTC, Part II

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The "dark web" and BitCoins

While BitCoin's goals are noble and the recent online popularity of BitCoin is unsurprising given Internet culture's desire to be more free, it has also sparked a dangerous black market on the web. With the power and confidence that your monetary transactions are being untracked by any instituation the Internet has become an international black market in which literally anyone is free to participate in freely. The TOR protocol allows users to navigate the Internet untraceably from their home computers. Websites such as the Silk Road allow users to purchase illegal goods anonymously and have them mailed to their private residencies. These websites offer drugs, child pornography, assassination contracts, etc.

    Our project looks to explore and expose this "dark web," providing average Internet users with a side of the Internet they rarely see. The page will strive to overwhelm visitors with a real web collage of scrrenshots from the "dark web" that make visitors question the real value of the freedom BitCoin provides. We have yet to actually browse the dark web, so we are not sure exactly how this page will look and what options we have in making it more interactive for the user, but we plan on exploring our options in making the site not just a mock-version of the real thing, but more of an abstract satire to probe questions about question about Internet freedom.

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