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I really enjoy making things in Adobe InDesign, especially things that involve color and shapes and composition. I was inspired to explore more areas of InDesign through free plug-ins for the program. I came across PatternMaker which is a free plug-in that helps you make patterns using "scallops, crosses, and lines". To then push the idea of freedom further I am going to upload my patterns onto Flickr (or another site that I could actually host InDesign files on for free) where they can be downloaded and used by anyone, for free. 
I am contemplating the idea of using freedom as a theme for my patterns. But right now the idea of freedom is more present in the process rather than in the visual of my work. 

Final Project

First, I downloaded PatternMaker and created 6 patterns that could be tiled as backgrounds using the tool. Below are images of my process. The first is a shot of my screen as I worked on the Spirals pattern. Image 2 is a close up of the PatternMaker plug in that I downloaded. 




Image 3 is of screen shot of ImageShack which is a free online image hosting site. I used ImageShack to host my patterns. People who visit my website will be redirected to my ImageShack page if they would like to download one of the patterns to use as a background. They can download all my patterns for free. 

Image 4 shows the HTML of my Tumblr page. You can see where I made the background of the page the pattern I created using PatternMaker. The link is to where the pattern is hosted on ImageShack.


Image 5 shows one of the ways I am promoting my site to the public. I have included tags on all the images of the patterns so that anyone who searched the words "download", "background", "free", or "pattern" in the Tumblr search feature will be able to find my patterns and Tumblr page where then can then download them for free. 


My completed website can be found at

I then attempted to promote my website by submitting it to other tumblr pages about backgrounds and patterns. I also pinned it on Pinterest in hopes that it will be found by people interested in patterns on the Pinterest site. I also posted my site in the comments section of various websites that featured sources for pattern backgrounds such as this one here

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