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The Project:

Tanzanite Delight was created in response to the problem of child labor and slavery in Tanzania. Tanzanian families often employ and enslave their children as miners in order to survive and make a living. The precious jewel tanzanite is abundant between the dry African dirt, and mining operations will use any means to collect them to sell to jewelers. The children work in terrible, extremely dangerous conditions for long hours. They are paid next to nothing, are given long laborious hours, and are continuously exposed to danger. The miner children have problems with their lungs because of the dust and mold in the mines. The mines often collapse, or children fall to their deaths. The video below is a preview of some of the outrageous conditions these children live in:

The Game: In the game you are a seven-year-old Tanzanite miner. The game was creating using a Physics Puzzle Game Maker found on which simulates real life physics.The game has three levels. On level 1, you have to collect 10 coins, jewels, or money before losing 4 lives. On level 2, you must eat a meal without eating spoiled or poisonous food. On level 3, you must collect 8 pieces of Tanzanite without falling in the mine. Objects that take away life are food and beverages, as they promote health and decrease potential profits out of the mining industry.
Concept: By completing the game, your character the child minor has been compromised and in danger. Most likely a first time player will not make it through the three levels without dying and having to start over. While collecting the money and tanzanite is good, food and health is not. The irony behind the game is that while the rules seem twisted, they reflect real life. The mining industry pushes poor health, low wages, and terrible conditions, all things that are "bad" in order to acquire the "good", Tanzanite. Therefore in the video game, deprivation and danger will allow you to gain the profits needed, much like real life. Is the game fun? The game sheds a rather eye-opening light on the injustice of Tanzanian child labor and slavery.

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