Final Project - Nap Map

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For this project, I started thinking about what I have been doing in my free time here. Whenever I get a chance to do what I want, I usually catch up on sleep with a quick nap. Thus, the idea for a nap map was born. I hope to pinpoint certain nap-friendly spaces on both RISD and Brown's campuses for tired students looking for a new place to sleep. By breaking out of our routines, perhaps chances for surprise encounters and spurts of inspiration will be more common. I hope to make this map available for edit to Brown and RISD students, facilitating the sharing of prime nap spots between the two campuses. I'm also considering making a ratable feature and comments available for spots as well, so that students can share their experiences and thoughts on certain nap spots for all to read.

Not sure if I am going to go with Google Maps or if I will find another map editing platform... 

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