Digital Art Spring 13 - Student Work

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Digital Art Spring 13 - Outline

Outline* |* Syllabus | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography

MCM0750: Digital Art
Spring 2012
Dept. of Modern Culture and Media
Brown University
Prof. Mark Tribe

Student Work


Teodora Shaleva - Cornelia Sollfrank

Jordan Place - Modern Musical Remix/Sample Culture

amy chiao - Mariko Mori  

Kelsey Tripp - Digital Text and Typographic Art

Shreena Thakore - Electronic Literature

Marlena Morshead - Art Games


Addie Mitchell - Afrofuturism

Yidan Zeng - Hacktivism

Lukas Bentel - Petra Cortright

Marianne Abbott - Social Sculpture 

Update Project

Assignment: Make a Digital Art project that reinterprets and updates a historical art project from one of the movements we have studied. Write a brief artist statement (250-500 words) discussing your intentions, subject matter, and working process.

Proposal Due: Feb 15  ///  Critique: March 8

Marlena Morshead - Virtual Rothko Chapel

amy chiao - Body Pressure Update

Addie Mitchell - Hugpo ball sound poen

Yidan Zeng - The Doppelgänger Update

Marianne Abbott - I Am Making Art Update 

Jordan Place - Sound Poem Update

Kelsey Tripp - Frank Stella Update

Shreena Thakore - Footsteps 1 Update


Teodora Shaleva - Girl, 2013




Net Art Project

Teodora Shaleva - Hyper-Syntax


Jordan Place - Serendipity


Kelsey Tripp - Deluge

Shreena Thakore - Brazenly Brown

Addie Mitchell - Laptop Fan Fugue

Yidan Zeng - Public Privacy


Marlena Morshead - Hamster Rave

Lukas Bentel - Sometimes.

Marianne Abbott - The Death of the Artist

amy chiao - dumpwave


Free Project

Assignment: Work independently or in a collaborative group on a digital art project that explores the idea of freedom (as in free culture, free software, freedom of information, free time, free space, free love, free world). If working collaboratively, each member of the group should write a short statement that details his or her own role in the project.

Proposal & Sketch Due: April 12  ///  Critique: April 26

Teodora Shaleva - "And yet..."


Marlena Morshead - Free Patterns

amy chiao - Verification (Proposal)


amy chiao - Household Dishes (Final)

Marianne Abbott - Self_Mutilation

Addie Mitchell and Marianne Abbott - Joy and Marcelo


Kelsey Tripp - Tor Internet Freedom

Jordan PlaceTor Internet Freedom

Lukas Bentel - Free Stuff

Yidan Zeng - Freedom?

Shreena Thakore - Mario plays Pong while Space Aliens invade you and there's nothing you can do about it


Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Production Two Manual | Mediography

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