Adjust Focus and Sound

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Adjust Focus and Sound

Written and Edited by Mina Shakarshy and Drew Dickerson

"Adjust Focus and Sound" is a piece of video art by Drew Dickerson and Mina Shakarshy interrogating social media qua interpersonal interaction.  We reserved a space in Production One and lit it using an ARRI light.  We then instructed actors to enact a series of statuses, comments, actions, and information that we pulled from actual facebook profiles while we filmed in order to depict these internet mores out of context. This footage was then imported into Final Cut Pro, where we edited it into its current form, making use of repetition and multiple layers, and then uploaded it onto youtube.We added a theatrical element to the video through the use of dramatic lighting in order to demonstrate the extent to which "act" on facebook and form our social identities. Additionally, we instructed our actors to read their lines in a somewhat deadpan cadence in order to highlight the form and content of the material used.

Drew Dickerson: Film, sound, editing, lighting, and helped with writing

Mina Shakarshy: Writing, film, acting

Special thanks to our actors Jesse Gumbiner, Dana Goplerud, Aaron Behr, Michael Weinstein, and Matt Brundage

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