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Flickr is a photo-hosting website which also serves as a social networking service, linking together people with similar interests through its tagging feature. For this tutorial, we've registered the username "opensourcecult," and our photos of the List art building stairwell graffiti can be found here.

To host photos on Flickr, you need a Yahoo! ID, once you've registered with Yahoo! and Flickr, you can upload photos. Free accounts have an upload limit of 20 MB per month, as well as a 3 set limit. Sets are like photos albums, and can serve to help organize your photos. Another one of Flickr's organizational tools is the tagging feature. When uploading photos (and forever after), you can choose to associate certain keywords ("tags") with your photo. This will enable you (and everyone else, if you've marked your pictures "public") to search for and find photos with similar subjects.

On Flickr, you have a choice of which, if any, license to apply to your photos. You can opt for strict rights protection or a customizable reative commons license, under which you can choose whichever attributes suit your purposes (share and share-alike, not-for-profit use only, etc.).


In the "The Gimp" window, open File, New File if you're starting from scratch or File, Open if you want to work with an existing image.

move tool

selection tools

-magic wand

layer window
-cut and paste
-each cut/paste makes new layer

brushes (toolbar, 4 rows down)
-shapes (circle/star/pen/galaxy)

-stamp tool (uses picture int he same way that color is used with brushes)
-gradients under brush, patterns are under stamp oh, elimination of confusion!


move tool--double click!

-wikipedia opensource
-articles on opensource/remix
-flickr-opensourcecult + theirs
-flickr projects/maps/stuff

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