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Here is a sample email that Pete Smith sent:

This is heathenry! The end of the world must be near, the AntiChrist is upon us. RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast, I found a company - that implants 6!! of the devil marks into people to identify their limbs in the event of dismemberment. There is no use for RFID chips or readers in HELL where their souls will eternally be roasted by fire!!!! Contact them, as I am urging my church to do, and tell them there is still a chance for redemption through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A sample email from a concerned citizen read:

I wanted to let you know about a new website/company that I discovered. I totally share your concern about human implantable RFID chips, and I find this LimbID System application of them pretty freaky. It hinges upon the whole "war on terror" fear and the fear of terrorist attacks.
If you get a chance to look at it:, I'd love to have you cover it on your site and hear your thoughts.

A concerned citizen

Another sample email:
(under the subject; Stop the human implants!)

I stumbled upon this company today:

I am OUTRAGED! Please help me spread the word about this company, so we can protest it and make sure it ceases to thrive.

Thank you.

A sample press release request:

Please post this Press Release on

Thank you,
Elliot Caul

Director of PR,
LimbID System,

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