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The following correspondence was forwarded to us from The New York Times:

> On 12/6/06:

> Tom--it's Schwartz, forwarding this bit of weirdness your way. sounds like a hoax, actually, but you never know.
> >
> >

On 12/6/06, Tom Zeller Jr. <> wrote:

> you been had:

Subject: Re: FW: NULL

From: Tom Zeller Jr. <>


Sent: Wed Dec 6 10:56:57 2006

you should be flattered. they specifically targeted you:

The following correspondence is between Peter and The Yes Men:

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Scheidt, Peter wrote:


Some fellow students and I in the Modern Culture and Media department at
Brown University created a project in a vein similar to the Yes Men, and
thought you might appreciate looking at it. We took what we saw as what
might be the next step in surveillance and RFID tagging (the ID chips
people implant in their cats and dogs) and created a website for our
false corporation,

The company's concept is that RFID tags can help with speedier
post-mortem limb identification in the event of dismemberment. You can
see our documentation of the project at

We'd really appreciate it you could give us some feedback, or just feel
free to check our site out and poke around.

Peter Scheidt

From: on behalf of Andy Bichlbaum
Sent: Thu 12/7/2006 3:56 AM
To: Scheidt, Peter
Cc: Mike Bonanno; rich
Subject: Re: our corporate hoax, safety

Oh, thank god! I totally, totally fell for it, and was sending it around
to everyone. Ha! So glad it's not (yet) real...

Fantastic work.


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