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the Press Release was sent to:

RFID Gazette


RFID Weblog

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Raw Feed

John Markoff - Writer for NY Times

John Schwartz - Writer for NY Times

The Associated Press

We created an online identity as a means of generating web noise about the corporation. The pseudo-person was Pete H. Smith, a man from Topeka, Kansas. Mr. Smith stumbled across the company, and soon made it his mission to spread awareness and dissent about the Limb ID System use of RFID chips in humans as being the Mark of the Beast as spoke about in Revelations. Here are some of the people he contacted and the websites where he voiced his opinions:

RFID Journal

The Atheneus Kircher Society, RFID tagged videos

Church of the Last Days

......Robert Strohmeyer, blogger

......Kirsten Philopski, blogger

......Tony Long, columnist

......Eliot Van Buski, columnist

......Bruce Schneier, columnist

......Eran Hansen, editor in chief

......Leander Kahney, managing editor

......Kevin Poulsen, senior editor

......Michael Calore, Webmonkey editor

Opinion Journal, Wall street Journal Editorial Page, Librarian and Information Science News , Practical Futurist

Jeffrery Darlington, blogger

Other 'concerned citizen' emails were sent to:


We the People -

We also sent the link to our friends, families, acquaintances and colleagues. Some of them knew it was a surveillance art project, authored by us, while others viewed the site as the next iteration of our brave new world. We received a mixture of responses, usually including the words "sick" or "freaky."

The following artist organizations have also been contacted:

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