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Today the USA is an unsafe place, lacking in security, trust and in social responsibility. In order to prevent the further decay of our great nation, we need to increase the quality of life for all Americans. Action must be taken this very instant, and it starts with you.

The only way to improve the condition of the status quo is to make sure that the government is much more aware of our presence. In order to inspire change and get our voices listened to, we must make apparent who we are and what we stand for. There is a simple way to get this done.

We will start by installing more and more surveillance cameras and satellites. At this point in time many public locations are on film, but what about private locations? So much time is spent in private institutions such as homes, schools, and corporations. If we want to succeed at spurring change, we must ensure that the government is able to see our actions everywhere we go. They are not watching us closely enough.

There is not nearly enough information recorded about each citizen. We need to make a move from only the suspicious being watched, to everyone being watched. This involves all medical records, criminal records, postal mail, e-mail, phone (landline and cellular) conversations, and online chat conversations to be readily available and accessible to the government. It also involves self-surveillance. We need to be willing and able to constantly mail reports of our thoughts and actions to the government. In order to provide an accurate picture of the American public; we must also send in reports of our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members. No deed may go unnoticed.

By keeping all this information to ourselves, we starve the government of valuable data that could easily be used to increase quality of life for all.

Let us proceed as one, and stop acting selfish and backward. In order to save ourselves and to save each other, we must give up the trivial notions of "privacy" and "personal information". We cannot withhold any information if we want the government to make an accurate profile of each of us.

It is to our advantage for the government to profile us. Then they will be able to typify people and analyze trends in behavior. They will be able to predict the way each type of person will act; and in turn prevent crime, violence, and acts of terrorism before they happen. This type of policing will encourage people to become law-abiding citizens. Because criminals will know that they have no secrets, they will have no ability to hatch schemes and commit crimes. Instantaneously there will be a sharp decline in criminal and terrorist activity. We will become a society of trust.

The next step will be to grant everyone equal accessibility to every else's records. This will make identity theft virtually impossible, and lying virtually impossible. It will create a ubiquitous sense of vulnerability and of social responsibility.

With this new system of surveillance there will be many improvements to the functioning of our democratic society. There will be a free flow of knowledge, a decline in self-censorship, and an increase in creative expression. Because it will be so easy to become heard by the government and incite change, citizens will be enthusiastic about speaking their minds and openly articulating all dissent. There will be a spectacular improvement in personal hygiene when people become aware that they are being watched. The voyeurs and "peeping Toms" of our country will no longer feel the heavy burden of guilt and suspicion. They will finally be able to embrace their hobbies and celebrate their results.

Not only will the quality of life improve, but our economy will reach its full potential. Companies will know their consumers inside and out. They will be able to precisely forecast supply and demand. There will be no excess. Consumers will shop online much more frequently because there will no longer be a fear of identity theft, and because the experience will be seamless once their preferences are known.

It is imperative that we act without delay. This is the best allocation of Americans' time, money, space, and resources. When all information is public there will be no lies, no crime, no security threats, and no identity theft. We will be able to express ourselves freely, make our political views known, and incite change. Our national government will finally have time to concentrate on real problems and leave all petty issues behind.

I urge you to go home this very day and send word of your desire to newspapers, magazines, your local and state officials, and even to Washington. We must prevent the downfall of our country; we must maintain the United States of America as the greatest nation in history.

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