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The Voideurists

David Harrington - design, text, sound

Karynn Ikeda - design, web

Nicholas Moore - design, text, installation


In casting about online for technical inspiration for this project, we found several websites that offer links to vast collections of live camera feeds. The idea of the INTERNET'S capacity for holding/hiding so much data was the initial model for our website. Many of the feeds that we accessed came with the disclaimer that the proprietors of the cameras and their feeds had no idea that these images were available; the implications of stealing stolen surveillance images for a dizzying and non-linear invitation to voyeurism greatly appealed to us. We were also interested in demonstrating the overwhelming scope of the INTERNET; not only are all of these images constantly refreshing and viewable, but, in a geographic sense, they represent numerous countries, regions, languages, and time zones. We wanted to focus on the ubiquity of the INTERNET and its tides of content by forcing visitors through our labyrinthine house of mirrors and windows; we offer an eerie aesthetic experience while withholding any kind of honest explanation, and whether an individual chooses to keep clicking our images or to leave the site, they can only access more of the boundless web content.

Additionally, we will project images from our site onto the Thayer Street windows at night, to spread word about our project, but also to cut a new window onto the evening's plane and into the conciousness of passersby.

Project Text

And from that introduction, text on the empty field, in the empty field, access to meaning and understanding, vision, perspective, the depth of the world through an ever-thickening blanket of digital information.

And from that initial glimpse, an offer, more, and further vision. Lines are drawn, and parallels to experience, and light in the dark, and an offer.

And from that offer dark in a dark space and a choice and the tug of curiosity and in that almost two-dimensional black on black an offer of more.

And more.

And from more stacked upon more and built precariously upward into something more and from that height, that raised point of view an offer of farther sight, an offer of more and tumbling down a crescendo of visions into a ruin built of every blink and gaze.

And from perspectives broken, fractal and fragmented this totality is spatial and without limit.

And from that non-linearity giving rise to flight and privileging through action, image.

And from the spreading, reaching field of information escape cannot be made, but experience. Alienation, isolation inherent in traversing the landscape.

Project Screen Shots

Overall, the project brings together over 50 different webcams. Here are a few examples:

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