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View More Photos of Taylor (8), an exhibition curated by Taylor Friedman ('07), combines photographs appropriated from thefacebook, an online directory connecting people through various social networks, including but not limited to high school, college and geographical systems. Placing these photographs in a formal space highlights the artistic principle inherent in this contemporary form of surveillance.

Thefacebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 and has rapidly become the most widely used photo sharing Internet site, surpassing public sites such as Friendster and Flickr. According to ComScore's MediaMetrix, thefacebook is currently the seventh most accessed site on the Internet. Such intense use of this sight is becoming increasingly controversial. Thefacebook raises concerns about surveillance and data mining. More recently, authorities gaining access to the sight have used it to research college issues such as underage drinking and have navigated the sight to gain information about job applicants. Professors and teachers have also targeted thefacebook as a major distraction for students. However, students continue to use thefacebook despite its intrusive properties.

Thefacebook raises numerous questions that surround the topic of surveillance in contemporary society. With the advent of these social network sights, younger generations have become more willing to submit to surveillance and also take up surveillance as a means of gaining knowledge and truth. At the same time, increased access to legal forms of surveillance confronts issues of privacy, representation, identity, and authenticity, which are further emphasized in View More Photos of Taylor (8).

The pictures in the exhibit are an accumulation of photographs from my facebook page. Each picture is exhibited at 72 dpi, the same resolution as a web-image. They are from a group of varied "artists" who took these pictures with my knowledge and posted them on the Internet in various online albums. I did not take any of these pictures myself. With this project I also wish to raise the question of representation. Do photographs on thefacebook accurately depict their subjects? Do these subjects have any control over how they convey their own identity? And, are these questions relevant when surveillance is used in art?


The Space

The Photographs
"When we turned 20 and 21: Party!"

By Alexandra Trustman
Added October 18, 2005

"Fall Pictures: Domestic Violence."

By Peter Friis
Added January 9, 2006

"Owner's Table, What?"

By Sam Billet
Added February 19, 2006

"Sarah's Party"

By Samantha Solmonson
Added November 13, 2005

"London Round 2"

by Jessie Chaney
Added July 3, 2006

"A little bit of everything...:Sunrise or sunset?"

By Jessie Chaney
Added September 19, 2006

"Spring Break!"

By Jessie Chaney
Added April 2, 2006

"Nueva (Thom) York"

By Jordan Passman
Added September 11, 2006

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