The Absurd Inadequacy of Outdated Technology, 2006

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The Absurd Inadequacy of Outdated Technology, 2006
(metal filing cabinet, file folders, paper)

"There is no space in cyberspace."
Lev Manovich, ''The Language of New Media''

In the event of today's rapidly growing technology, the basic metal filing cabinet and paper archives of old have given way to the more efficient properties of new media. Computers provide us not only with aesthetic relief, but address many of the greatest challenges associated with maintaining paper files: the need for spatial efficiency, quick retrieval, and reconfigurability to accommodate the changing dynamics of the modern workplace.

The bulk and rigidity of this outdated metal filing cabinet seem awkward and cumbersome. Its draws are overflowing with paper files that are no longer distinguishable or retrievable. Adding to the confusing and uninviting personality of this metal monstrosity of archaic technology are the varying textures and sterile color palette of its contents, which contrast the overwhelmingly smooth and shiny surface of the painted gray metal. Nevertheless, the piece retains an aura of the past, reminding us of the human element that threatens to be lost in the future era of technological surplus.

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