Technoautodidacticism 101

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Ask Mark, your TA, or David Udris

  • If you want to learn a tech skill or gain access to a piece of equipment or software, your first step should be to ask Mark, David Udris, or your TA

Download Software from CIS

Brown Multimedia Labs

  • There are multimedia labs in List, the Grad Center, Friedman, and the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts.
  • What are they? Basically, rooms full of powerful computers with nifty peripherals and lots of software. Best of all, they are staffed with student consultants who are there to help you figure out how to do stuff.
  • Info about hardware and software, consultant schedules, and directions to the labs are available here.

Media Services

  • Brown Media Services is on the 14th floor of the SciLi
  • They have a variety of projectors, cameras, and audio goodies.


Google it

  • Can't find it? What more? Google it! For example, "Photoshop online tutorial" turns up countless free resources.
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