Table Slipping

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Team Members

CEO Danny Cannizzaro
COO Elliott Breece
CTO Janete Perez

Project Description

Project Web Site (
Project Blog Our weblog for coordinating different aspects of the project as we put it together.


The audience for this work is members of the Brown community. It reaches this audience quite effectively in that its main method of operation is a means of advertising that is seen by all students on meal plan. Its playfulness and uniqueness will hopefully create some buzz that will cause other students and faculty members that do not normally dine in the cafeterias to participate as well.

Artistic Legacy:

This project shares similar ambitions and means of production with a variety of sources.

Like some Dadaist works it takes the logic out of an established system, reducing it to the playful or absurd.

By providing the infrastructure and base idea, this project allows anyone to contribute, refine, and improve upon the actual content. This philosophy of production is directly derived from the open source software and open source culture.

To a lesser extent, this project can be compared to artistic practices involving corporate parody and billboard modification in that it takes a space traditionally devoted to advertisement, and transforms it into a self-contained statement or work.



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