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TV Guide

QR3 TV guide 2008 acrylic on canvas

A quick google search of "flat screen art" yields endless softwares, attachments, and gadgets that transform the mundane flat screen monitor into a piece of art. In reality, these monitors do not become art; they display representations of it. In TV guide, we have attempted to invert the flat-screen-as-artistic-media-conduit model. In order to do so, we first discern that flat screens are truly non-artistic conduits of art.

In contrast, our painting works as an intrinsically artistic conduit of a media form traditionally viewed outside of art's conventions. As projections of classical paintings work to imbue the flat screen with artistic integrity, TV Guide coyly imbues the most recent youtube upload with comparable value. This painting deceptively masks established art's nemesis, pop media in the Trojan horse of a traditional artistic medium.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that contain data with the capability to direct software. In magnifying this QR code's scale in a canvas painting, we amplify the visual aesthetics of form, composition, and contrast. The functional has morphed artistic via medium and execution. These phenomena work to blur distinctions between artistic, informative, entertainment, and "throwaway" media. Henry Jenkins names this convergence culture and notes how it is ironically stimulated by diverging hardware.

Ideally, TV guide would be purchased and hung in a gallery, home, or public space. Those who encounter it would potentially marvel at its ability to link them via camera phone to the most recent youtube upload...or perhaps they might merely enjoy the visual impact of a black and white minimalist canvas painting.


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