Surveillance and Privacy

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Deleuze: Postscript on Societies of Control (1990) ? Transience of disciplinary model (between sovereignty and control) ? Enclosure (discipline) v. Control o Mold (fixed cast) v. modulation/ (flexible sieve/mesh (filter)) transmutable, undulatory, networked o Govt/prison/hospital v. corporation o Individual v. Dividual o Minted money v. e-money o Centralized v. dispersive ? Corporation ? Dividual ? Control mechanism = capture system (under 3-Program) ? Resistance ? Unions

Agre: Surveillance and Capture (1994) ? What kind of text is this? ? Intro o What makes control, and the organization of personal information as a commodity, objectionable is that it compromises how we manage how we present and define ourselves. o NSA: surveillance not of known targets but to identify new suspects. o Critique of Enzensberger's assertion that the surveillance apparatus would have to be larger than the surveilled. ? Agre o Defining privacy as against surveillance or capture o Agre's reductive account of surveillance o What is capture ? Examples ? Capture process ? Mythology p., 747 ? Performance, p. 748 ? Technomaterialst account: always sociotechnical in nature p. 748, 755 ? Political economy of capture ? Capture-efficiency-move from clan-bureaucracy-market o Surveillance v. capture o Capture v. Taylorism o Ambivalence of capture ? Oppressive control, loss of privacy ? Empowerment, freedom to act w/in structured system ? Efficiency

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