Suggested Curatorial Process

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Think of yourself as an independent curator making an exhibition. You just happen to be doing it for course credit.

A suggested process:

  • Define your concept, select a couple of exemplary works
  • Determine a venue: website, screening room, performance space, gallery, public site
  • Consider site-specificity, i.e. relation of site and audience to concept & work
  • Make a "long list" of works you might include
  • Look carefully, do research on the works and artists on your list
  • Narrow your list down to your final selection
  • Acquire works:
    • It's almost always a good idea to contact the artist
    • For online art, you can often just link to the work
    • Consider logisical issues (shipping/transportation, permission to use public sites, installation, security)
  • Gather info in one place:
    • Names of artists/groups
    • Media/technologies used, time/dimensions
    • Year the work was made
    • Presentation/exhibition history
    • Artists statements, descriptions
    • Bibliography (reviews, interviews, etc.)
  • Gather/produce documentation:
    • Screen shots
    • Stills
    • Video
  • Determine sequence/arrangement
  • Write descriptions
  • Write introductory statement
  • Make your exhibition happen
    • Produce the site, gallery show, screening
  • Promote your project
    • A common delusion: build it and they will come
    • You need to reach out, let people know, build connections, network
    • Don't underestimate the power of 1-1 communication
    • PR
    • Organize an opening event?
  • Be ambitious, and have fun!!
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