Student Presentation Suggestions

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Presentations should be fairly short: 15-20 minutes.

Focus on 1-3 works by a single artist/group.

  • Describe
  • Contextualize
  • Analyze
  • Interpret

Use media (PowerPoint, web sites, video, etc.) to illustrate your main points, and make reference to what you show.

  • If you use PowerPoint, Keynote, or similar presentation software, keep text to a minimum. Bullet point outlines are strictly verboten in this class.


  • Practice with others (roommates, friends,etc.). Practice is critical for staying within the time assigned.
  • Speak,don't read. Use your notes as cues: do not read your notes. The purpose of a presentation is to give the audience your ideas about a topic,not to read out a mass of unsynthesized information.
  • Stand during your presentation.
  • Look at the people to whom you are speaking, rotating around the room to make eye contact with everyone.
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