Spontaneous Visualizer Music Videos And Dynamic Database

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To create a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing music video generator capable of retrieving images from different databases based on specified tags from a song. The idea is based on Islands of Consciousness by Mario Klingemann and Oleg Marakov.


Mocked Visualizer Demos

Low Quality: Here

Full Quality: Here



  • Works as an iTunes plugin for ease of use and distribution
  • Search song lyrics for specific phrases and then create story narratives from source images
  • Export visualizer into movie for the iPod use and non-iTunes viewing

Recruitment Poster



Text and Written Documents

  • From CounterCulture to CyberCulture - Fred Turner
  • The Emergence of Cinematic Time - Mary Anne Doane
  • Visual Digital Culture: Surface Play and Spectacle in New Media Genres - Andrew Darley

Previous Projects

  • Islands of Consciousness by Mario Klingemann and Oleg Marakov
    • A flash application that extracts images by tag using the Flashr Flickr API
    • Jumps from tag to tag in a premeditated order
    • Pans and zooms across images with very visually pleasing flash effects
    • Runs a continuous/static sound loop in the background
  • eXo with Flickr support by Fraktus
    • iTunes visualizer plugin that extracts images from Flickr depending on user input tag, artist name or song title
    • Displays images in a visually pleasing format with "classic" iTunes visualizer in the background
    • eXo is a modular software than can run on user inputed scripts
  • Collage by Trinity Software
    • Simple iTunes visualizer plugin that extracts images from an unknown internet source based on artist, track, and album
    • Displays image in the center of screen without interesting image transformations
    • Works only on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X (PPC)
  • VizKit by Heiko Wichmann
    • Open Source iTunes visualizer plugin in OpenGL
    • Displays track lyrics, album work, and oscilloscope
    • Must be built using XCode developer tools on Mac
  • RandomWeb by Cellar Door SW
    • Mac OS X screensaver downloads images from web based on tag and pans them across screen in OpenGL
    • Ability to select multiple databases and tags on own computer as well
    • Has Windows counterpart Slickr
  • Rewob by Hisayoshi Tohsaki
    • Open in iTunes. A short project that features clips from The Matrix, Hackers, and Return of the Jedi as set to DJ Tiesto's Suburban Train.
    • An examination of the sound-image relationship.
      • Which narrative takes precedence?
      • Is the sound set to the movie or vice-versa?


  • Xcode by Apple
    • Needed to compile the VizKit Open Source Visualizer
  • iVisualize by Christoph Vogelbusch
    • Used in conjunction with Quartz Composer for easy to make iTunes visualizers
    • Allows for "stand alone" product with the empty Installer Package for authors
  • Quartz Composer by Apple
    • Needed to create and alter 3-D images in a Mac environment.


Get Lyrical * by Shullian Productions

    • Uses a simple Applescript to extract lyrics from lyrics.astraweb.com for selected songs
    • Runs somewhat slow, is not able to identify all artists (assume artists are too unpopular or non-vocal)



Fri 11.10: Group Meeting

  • E-mail prospective companies and people for support and information
  • Discuss further reasearch needed for project
  • Conceptulize actual implementation of product from step 1
  • Brainstorm additional features

Mon 11.13: Group Project Studio

  • Individual meetings to discuss ideas

Tue 11.14: Group Project Studio

  • Discuss prior contacts from e-mails
  • Pursue other contacts
  • Set exact goals for Friday meeting

Mon 11.20 Group Project Studio

Tue 11.21 Group Project Studio

  • Progress reports

Mon 11.27 Group Project Studio

Thomas Levine

Oskar Fischinger

Keith Bunting Michael Snow

Tue 11.28 Group Project Studio

Mon 12.4: Project Due!

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