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Varnished paper on foam core, digital photographs taken from television

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Situation comedies are among the most commodified, formulaically produced narratives that exist in popular Western culture.  The sitcom genre is reliant on a narrative/media literacy so ingrained that it takes no effort whatsoever to digest them, and sitcoms are consumed on a massive, regularized basis by the public.
This is a storytelling system so insidious that it is extremely difficult to detect or undermine the sitcom's total embrace and maintenance of the status quo: the very structure of the genre tends to prevent and neutralize any possible problems, multiplicity of meanings, or alternative interpretations.
"Sit" aims to strip sitcom images of their narrative, visual and categorical contexts, interrupting their fixed paths of meaning and visual desireability.  While we may be able to recognize familiar characters or episodes, these images no longer serve their original visual/narrative purposes; they have instead become the de-saturated tools and objects of ritualized consumption.

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