Sebastian Gallese

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10.17.06: An interesting film creation concept Tarnation
09.14.06: A friend showed me this movie tonight. If you have not already seen it, you might be interested. It is titled EPIC.

E-mail, sebastian_gallese at brown dot edu
AIM, xkdgex

General Description:
Single/Whitish?/Male/18/Pays Child Support For Two Kids/No Smoking/Only Hard Drugs

Prior to Brown:
Never advanced past Calculus A
Have only worked at a job for three months my entire life
Often drive my scooter without contacts or glasses
A fan of infomercials and online flash games
The only Atheist to attend the Babtist Church

Post Brown:
I eat frozen yogurt at the V-Dub after every breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Meet very interesting students and professors. Also meet a lot of crazies
Hate it when the French Canadian on my hall calls me "Se-Bas"
Miss one Men's Club Soccer practice a week for Prof. Tribe's class
Drink for all the wrong reasons

Writings/A Really Bad Website/References To People You've Probably Never Met/My Personal Website:
Death of a Punchline

My water retaining shorts do very little to enhance my social life.

Are My Jokes That Bad?:

From: mark
To: Sebastian Gallese


I have your signed copy of 1984 by George Orwell. You can get it from me next week after class or come by my office hours on Tuesday.


Mark Tribe

From: Sebastian Gallese
To: mark

Prof. Tribe,

I didn't know George Orwell still signs his own book, let alone sign a copy and not the original thing. I will pick it up on Monday after class.



From: mark
To: Sebastian Gallese

i guess i should have said "inscribed". it is a common practice to inscribe books when one gives them as gifts.

Note to the reader:
I replied to the original e-mail as a joke; however, Prof. Tribe replied to the joke e-mail with a serious e-mail. Does that mean the joke I sent was not funny? Does that mean that the serious reply sent back to me was also a joke? It confuses me, and I am not sure if the e-mail has changed from a joke into a serious conversation, or if a serious conversation has turned into a joke.

I didn't realize you were joking. Now I feel like a jerk!

Hmmmm... Does this mean that I have a bad sense of humor? Or that your jokes aren't funny? Or just that it's hard to tell when somebody's joking in an email? Or that humor is a matter of taste, in which case, de gustibus non disputandum est.

- Prof. Tribe

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