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Mission Statement The students of the MC0075 class seek to create an online forum for Brown University artists to share their work with both the immediate Brown University community as well as interested parties outside Brown. The site will not only be a place for Brown artists to display their work,, but a hub of interaction between artists, a starting place for collaboration as well as competition. The students of the MC0075 class plan on not only creating a working model for the site by the end of the spring semester 2006, but also on making formal plans about the long term development of the site which will be presented to the Brown community at the end of the semester.

Revision to Mission Statement

Revision to Mission Statement after following considerations re: Mission Statements (what they should be):

  • "A Mission Statement should be a one-sentence, clear, concise statement that says who the agency is (the name, that it is a nonprofit, and what type of agency it is), what it does, for whom and where. Period."
  • "Mission and purpose"
  • "Purpose. Business. Values. Beneficiaries."
  • "In just a few sentences a mission statement needs to communicate the essence of your organization to your stakeholders and to the public."

Suggested Mission Statement

[Product Name] is a free online service [and open-source software project] which enables students to showcase their artistic work. From audio to video and from image to text, [Product Name] facilitates interdisciplinary dialog and encourages collaboration. This service provides students with an organized way to present their artistic work to a community of peers and the public.

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