SOAP Invitation Draft (students)

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As students who have a vested interest in supporting the development of an online art community at Brown and RISD, the students of MC0075, Introduction to Digitial Media Production, would like to invite you to our presentation of our final project, S.O.A.P. (Student Online Art Portfolios). S.O.A.P. is a free online service and open-source software project that enables students to showcase their artistic work. From audio to video and from image to text, S.O.A.P. facilitates interdisciplinary dialog and encourages collaboration. This service provides students with an organized way to present their artistic work to a community of peers and the public In addition to a short presentation outlining our research and implementation plan, we hope to demo a functional "alpha" version of the site. We also hope to to get your input and suggestions. The presentation will be on Tuesday May 2nd at 5:30 PM in the New Media Studio in the MCM building at 135 Thayer. Thank you very much for your time, The students of MC0075

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