SOAP Implementation

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Development of the project

After our presentation:

  • create beta while alpha is functional (possibly asking CS classes)
  • increase number of users
  • moving to another platform from
  • find sponsors
  • develop student organization
  • publicize the website to the market outside of Brown and RISD

The development of SOAP is divided into three phases, namely goals for the end of Spring semester '06, plans for promotion and growth, and expansion of audience.

The first phase involves a presentation of our project and a functional site, alpha, which will be completed by the end of the semester. As a starter, alpha is based on, and we will be inviting users to submit art work onto alpha after our presentation on May 2, 2006. In line with the development of alpha and the presentation, we will be founding a student organization to raise awareness of SOAP in the Brown community, and then spread to the RISD community, which are our primary audience. This can potentially increase the number of users of our service and thus provides us a head start for the development of SOAP in the next academic year.

The second phase entails the creation of beta (updated version of alpha) and the execution of promotion and expansion plans of SOAP. For beta, we will be moving the content of alpha from to another platform that we build. This may cause technical issues for our team, so there is a possibility of working in conjunction with the Computer Science Department at Brown, in search for potential website developers and designers, such as students of Software Engineering class, who are interested in the development of SOAP. The first part of our promotion plan will include increasing the number of students joining our student organization. We will then publicize SOAP through a marketing campaign that will involve advertising on campus and possibly online. Our aim is to have approximately 20-30 contributing users by the end of our promotion campaign. Once there is enough traffic on the website, we will attempt to find sponsors to support SOAP, apply for Faculty Grant and possiblity entering the annual Business Plan Competition hosted by the Brown Entrepeneurship Program, so that we will have the resources to develop our product towards its ideal state.

Ultimately, we would like to develop SOAP as an Open Source Software, which is available to a wider audience beyond the Brown and RISD community. We will publicize SOAP further beginning with other University students, and extend it to potential audience that will include prospective students, professors and possible employers.

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