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Budget Projections:

250 MBs per user

Based on Market Research:

  • Brown 60 Students: 15000 MBs
  • RISD 160 Students: 41000 MBs (Only 1st year) <-- ?
  • 2nd year ?
  • 3rd year?

More specific Projections:

Also based on 250 MBs per user:

  • 8 portfolios first year = 2000
  • 50 portfolios second year = 12500
  • 250 portfolios third year = 62500

So, not a lot of space (at least in the beginning)


Domain name: Example or Pricing:

  • 1 Year $9.95
  • 2 Years $19.90
  • 5 Years $49.75
  • 10 Years $99.50

Info gathered at:

Non Realistic Alternative **Buying Server and Storage ourselves:

Prices for Servers:

Sun Fire T1000 Server

  • Standard: 6 cores, 8GB memory (T10-106A-08GA1P ) - US$5,745
  • Large: 8 cores, 16 GB memory (T10-108A-16GA1P) - US$11,995

Sun Fire T2000 Server

  • Small: 4 cores, 8GB memory (T20-104A-08GA2C) - US$8,295
  • Standard: 6 cores, 8GB memory (T20-106A-08GA2C) - US$10.895
  • Medium: 8 cores, 8GB memory (T20-108A-08GA2C) -- US$13,395
  • Large: 8 cores, 16GB memory (T20-108A-16GA2C) - US$16,995

Prices for web servers from this website:

Marketing Campaign

When we have to maket S.O.A.P, we will make decissions at that time, as far as how exactly we will do it.

This includes: Table slips around campus (and RISD campus) posting of posters, etc.

  • 500 sheets of paper = $ 7
  • Word of Mouth $0
  • Emails $0
  • Using Facebook as marketing tool: $0 (why wait for Fortune 500 companies to do it; it's free for us!)

Technical Consulting would be taken care of if we end up purchasing the services remotely.

  • Overhead and Ad purchases
  • What kind of ads to be discussed? pop up ads? banners? - How this would be done, where we would advertise "ad purchases" has not been discussed.


As far as hosted services, a lot of companies do this:

  • Such as the website mentioned above, alternatively, IBM, Sungard, etc. provide similar hosting services/packages, which is probably how we will at least initially.

More specific to our project:

  • Some of the services offered by IBM seem to be in line with this project:
  • An example of a solution that would suffice can be seen at this site:

"IBM Express Storage Platform for digital media An integrated storage platform designed to be easy to implement and use"

in this site: Even the small configuration comes equipped with 1.1TB so that's probably good for a start.

Next we should discuss grants and sponsors re: raising capital.

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