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Course Outlines and Syllabi

Mark Tribe's Teaching Wiki Home Page
Open Source Culture Course Outline
Open Source Culture Syllabus
New Media Art Production Course Outline
New Media Art Production Syllabus
[Techniques of Surveillance Course Outline]
[Techniques of Surveillance Syllabus] 

Exemplary Student Projects

Santa Is Real, by Caitlin Barry. New Media Art Production, Fall '06.

Osiris, by Schulyer Maclay, Zack McCune, and Sebastian Gallese. New Media Art Production, Fall '06.

View More Photos of Taylor (8), by Taylor Friedman. Techniques of Surveillance, Fall '06.

Facebook - The People-Watching Collection, by Joey Kuhn. Techniques of Surveillance, Fall '06.

The Last Lion King of Scotland, by Davis Jung.  Open Source Culture, Spring '07.

OSMOSA, by Deborah Abramson, Kiera Feldman, and Davis Jung. Open Source Culture, Spring '07.

Model for the Teabar on the Ground Floor of Cybercafe Aubette , by Kari Lisa Johnson. New Media Art Production, Spring '07.

Chronicle of a Spring, by Gregory Souza, Sarah LaBrie, Kari Lisa Johnson, and Gaby Scarritt. New Media Art Production, Spring '07.

Watching War, an exhibition curated by Shane Brennan,  Jessie Chaney, Taylor Friedman, Anna Hermann, Alexis Lowry, and Alexandra Trustman. Curatorial Practices GISP, Spring '07.

Production: Port Huron Project

Port Huron Project web site.


New Media Art - Profiles (open-source wiki book)
"An Ornithology of Net Art." Curatorial essay for Tate Online, the web site of the Tate art museums.

Curatorial Work

"Tijuana Calling," "inSite_05," San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. Online exhibition.

Exhibitions, Screenings, etc.

"NeoIntegrity," Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY. Port Huron Project poster exhibited in group show.
"Move! Activate! Remember!" Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA. Port Huron Project 1: Until the Last Gun Is Silent video screened in gallery.
Port Huron Project 1: Until the Last Gun Is Silent, New York, NY. Public art event presented by Conflux Festival.

Bibliography (reviews, features, interviews, profiles, mentions, etc.)       

Kennedy, Randy. "Giving New Life to Protests of Yore," New York Times, July 28, 2007. Feature on Port Huron Project 3: We Must name the System.

Johnson, Ken. "Rallying 'Round the Past," Boston Globe, July 22, 2007. Feature on Port Huron Project 2: The Problem Is Civil Obedience.

Beckman, Rachel. "Hot Off the Presses: A Pot Full of Issues," Washington Post, July 19, 2007. Preview of Port Huron Project 3: We Must name the System.

Debatty, Régine. "The Problem Is Civil Obedience," We Make Money Not Art, July 9, 2007.

Ulke, Christina. "Politics by Other Means," Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Issue 5, Summer 2007. Interview on Port Huron Project.

Guglietti, María Victoria. "Tijuana Calling: An Exercise on Virtual Coyote Tactics.", September 8, 2006. Review of "Tijuana Calling."

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