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My piece '94:45' highlights the POGs fad of 1994. POGs are the epitome of a fad, having risen to ubiquity in the last half of 1994 and being relegated into obscurity by the end of the following year. Unlike previous fads such as the Pet Rock or the Hula Hoop POGs were embraced by advertisers, who printed POGs with their slogans, mascotts and logos. The crowned jewel of POGs is the Michael Jordan POG in which he wears his number 45 jersey. Jordan wore the 45 jersey for under 2 months in the '94-'95 NBA season. POGs referencing current events, such as Jordan donning his 45 jersey put a stamp on the fad of POGs like no fad before or since.
The 5 sets of POGs surrounding the centerpiece Jordan POG consist of the most popular imagery of the POGs fad: 8 Balls, Skulls, Ying Yangs, Dinosaurs, and POGs featuring advertisments. Gallery viewers may play with any of the 8 sets of POGs around the rug; with this being the case I provide the following rules:

1. Set up a stack of 8 POGs with their colorful graphics facing towards the floor.
2. Take the heavy 'slammer' and hit the top of the stack.
3. Whatever POGs you flip so that their colorful imagery faces up you pick up.
4. The next player restacks the remaining POGs and the process repeats until no POGs remain.
5. Whoever has the most POGs at the end of the game is the winner.

*A Michael Jordan POG
*45 additional Pogs and Slammers (5 stacks, each consisting of a 'slammer' and 8 POGs)
*Red Dot Rug

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