Quint Stevenson

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Original Album Art from Mr.Mister's Kyrie:

Altered Mix Master Mister Master Mix Album Art:

Further altered Mix Master Mister Master Mix:

(Mix Master Mister mingling with Mr. Mister at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan...)

Track Listing Of The Mix Master Mister Master Mix:

I am having trouble figuring the proper ammount of information to
give (not to give?) the viewer as well as how to explain the projects
I am working on. Last semester I began embarking on making work in
the realm of pop culture (American Cultural trash too recent to even
completely be called history). The Mix Master Mister Master Mix is a
thing I do not know how to classify or describe. I've taken songs
within the theme of "Mister" from my head as well as the file sharing
service Limewire and combined them into a mixtape/art project thing.
Is it a project? An initial sketch for something? A mode of artistic
production to be used alongside something completely different?
I am not sure.

The basic interest I have is in my memory of events, products, songs
and television shows that have no meaning or value in my life yet are
seemingly engrained in my head. Through various systems of
organization and modes of artistic production I want to disseminate
these ideas creating an personalized American History of useless
information (of sorts).

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