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Promotion Guide

A Guide to Promoting Online Projects

  1. Define your audience. As you near completion and launch of your online project, you should start preparing to promote it to your audience(s). So you need to figure out who your audience is. Who are you targeting? Is your audience local? Regional? National? Global? Does it include special interest groups (e.g. Star Trek fans)?
  2. Assemble a press kit that you can send to journalists, curators, and others. Your press kit can be electronic (deliverable via email), physical (hard copies of documemnts, CD-ROMs, DVDs, prints of images, etc. that you can send via snail mail), or both. Your press kit could include the following:
    1. A Press Release with:
      1. Contact info
      2. Lede
      3. Text
      4. Here are some sample press releases.
    2. A short bio (150-250 words or so) and head shot of each team member. These can be earnest and "for real" or can be less traditional, artistic, or loopy. It's your call, but if you want to be taken seriously you might want to play it straight
    3. Approximately 3 screen shots of your project in .png, .gif, or .jpg format
    4. Video clips, audio clips, etc.
  3. Develop a list of people, organizations, and communities to whom you want to promote your project. Some suggestions:
    1., Nettime, The Thing, and other online communites focused on new media, digital technology, art, etc.
    2. Bloggers
    3. Journalists who might cover your project. How to find them? Read relevant publications and look for articles about similar projects. Look at the bylines of journalists who might be interested. And look at mastheads (the list of editorial staff, usually at the front of the magazine or on the publication's web site) and find the names of the relevant editors. Then track down their contact info.
    4. As you find relevant online communities, journalists, and bloggers, please add them to the Promotion Contacts Page.
  4. Send emails and/or snail mails to the contacts on your list. Personalize your emails as much as possible: explain why you think your reader(s) will be interested. If you find a contact on the Promotion Contacts Page, take the time to check out the relevant publication, community, email list, or blog. When appropriate, attach your press release, bios and headshots, screenshots, etc. (not a good idea to send attachments to email lists).
  5. You should also consider grassroots/gorilla marketing tactics, such as:
    1. Emailing all your friends
    2. Handing out flyers at concerts
    3. Sending stickers and/or graffiti tag stencils to friends in distant cities
  6. Depending on your project, you may want to consider perpetrating one or more media stunts (e.g. climbing the Empire State Building in a gorilla suit). These are events designed to generate buzz and garner media attention, but they can also be part of your project.
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