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1. Define your audience

Who would you most like to reach? Who would be most interested? Is your audience local? Regional? National? Global? Does it include special interest groups (e.g. Star Trek fans)?

2. Assemble a digital promotion kit

This is a PDF or a web page you can share with bloggers, curators, and others. It could include some or all of the following:

  1. A Press Release with:
    1. Contact info
    2. Lede (a one-sentence headline or news hook)
    3. Project description and additional information
    4. Here are some samplePressReleases
  2. A short bio (approx 150-250 words)
  3. An image of you (and your collaborators)
  4. 1-3 images of your project
  5. A video or clips if appropriate

3. Make a contact list

Develop a list of people, organizations, and communities to whom you want to promote your project. Think about whom you'd like to reach and who might be interested. Try to think "outside the box." For example, if your project makes lots of Spock references, consider reaching out to Star Trek fans.

4. Contact the people on your list


Email, Fcbk,Tweet, or post on the blog of each contact on your list. Personalize your message as much as possible: explain why you think your reader(s) will be interested.

5. You may also consider grassroots/gorilla outreach tactics, such as:

  1. Posting and/or handing out flyers or stickers
  2. Doing some graffiti or street art
  3. Sending stickers and/or graffiti tag stencils to far-flung friends
  4. Perpetrating a media stunt (e.g. climbing the Empire State Building in a gorilla suit). These are events designed to generate buzz and garner media attention, but they can also be part of your project.
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