Popped Pixels

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Popped Pixels

Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein became renowned for Pop Art in the 1960s.   Warhol's art is a known for making paintings off of popular American icons including people and mass-produced items made from machines, especially known for his work with Campbell's soup cans.  We became interested in Warhol's silk screens - a mechanical mass-produced process.   Lichtenstein's art is recognized by a highly simplified color scheme painted with oil or magma on canvas illustrating enlarged comic-book strips.  Commercial comic book strip images are original drawings mechanically printed for comic book publications to be distributed to the masses.  Lichtenstein adopts the machine-translated illustrations, enlarges them significantly to paint images, emphasizing Benday Dots.  Benday Dots are tiny screens of dots giving the appearance of block color.  The use of Benday Dots imitates the visual argument of the mechanically made dots through comic book publications

We have taken some images of their paintings from the Internet and updated the use of machinery as an influence for paintings by Warhol and Lichtenstein's influence by machinery in their paintings.  This new moderation of the machine process, we believe, is a software process on a computer.  We chose to use the software MacOSaiX which helps create photograph mosaics.  For the stock images, we told the program to only use Google Search images and Flickr images to create the composition.  To make the final composition, we dictated what Google image search terms and Flickr search phrases should be - using words and phrases having to do with machinery and the original images. 

We strove to update the process and medium, while still keeping the original image somewhat recognizable; therefore, the methods are showcased here. Using MacOSaiX and Illustrator (for one of the images) as an update of the process and a jpg as the medium composed as thousands of stock images, we feel like we created a unique modification of the original update project. 

To continue this idea of an update, we thought it would be most appropriate to display our final images on a website structured as an online gallery. 

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