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Today, the loneliest

February 14, 2006

The inspiration for this collage came firstly from the due date of the project, Valentines. Valentine's Day has been a day of bitterness for many, whether it be at the prospect of loneliness, jealousy, resistance to the commericalized aspect of the holiday, or whatever other reasons. When I stumbled across a particular Xanga in 2005, I found a post dedicated to the author's somewhat new take and feelings on the day. These ideas became the overarching theme of this collage.

The images were found using Google Images under "Valentines" and "Despair," two seemingly contrasting concepts that I feel form a dialogue with each other. All images were modified and recontextualized using Adobe Photoshop CS. The transformations ranged from cutting out shapes, to altering hue, color, and saturation, to resizing, to cloning, and even to just erasing. The partially obscured text seen in the collage are excerpts taken directly from the original Xanga entry from which the theme of this work is founded. So, even the expressionist idea is appropriated.

The collage, while using a vibrant, possibly even hot color pallette, somehow drips with a sort of cynical, negative emotion. Yet, the piece is not completely negative. This paradoxical disposition aims to get at the heart of the message, which is that no matter how stupid Valentine's may seem, there are people out there who can truly enjoy the holiday, and thus, how can one group of bitter people wish a happy day away for those who are able to engage in the holiday. The blindfolded cupid in the lower left corner might represent love's blindness or even its idealistic unconditional-ness. The orange blocks behind the woman spell out L-O-V-E, but it appears as if it is being devoured by a gaping hole. The hole might be a vagina or a deformed rose center or anything else, all of which can have salient readings. The cartoon Jesus in the upper right corner is vomiting into a bag with a heart-print, and it is labeled "Delicious vomit of lurve!" which can be interpreted in a number of ways.

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