Open Source Culture Spring 07 - Student Work

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Group Projects


d'Entre les Morts

Brown Free Culture

"Inflation Is Slightly Higher Than Expected: An Exhibition of Appropriative Art"

Exhibit Guide | Gallery Opening


 Deborah Abramson: Just one more, darlings

Quint Stevenson: 94:45

Kiera Feldman: To Elias, Love Auntie Nat and Uncle Mel

Sonya Goddy: Sit


Matt Jacobs: Hacker Screenshot

Joseph Kuhn: superstar


Christina Ducruet: Alice: Wonderland 2K7


Davis Jung: Koppie Alleen No Copy/No Mod (Lloyd Christensen)

Found Sound/Video

 Matthew Jacobs : Panic 

Davis Jung : The Last Lion King of Scotland

Kiera Feldman : Three Women and a Silent Friend

Quint Stevenson : Mix Master Mister Master Mix

David Harrington : Acéphale: Inner Mounting Flame

Sonya Goddy : Femme Horror Duo on YTMND

Joseph Kuhn : Mariah Samples...

Deborah Abramson: _Second Life for Trio A_

Christina Ducruet: Just Mix F*ing Anything!

Open Projects

Matthew Jacobs and Joseph Kuhn: d'Entre les Morts Presentation 

Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Texts | Production Two Manual

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