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Where to Find Readings

Many readings are available online, either as web sites or as downloadable PDFs, via the Brown Library's OCRA (Online Course Reserves Access) system. Scroll down to MC0170. The password is 0penS0urce (note: zeros replace the letter "o").
There are also a number of readings on reserve in the Rockefeller Library. A comprehensive list of readings on reserve is available here.

Note: the syllabus lists required readings and a few recommended ones, but there are many additional readings on reserve. You are encouraged to explore them.

Some books are also available at the Brown Bookstore. As of Feb 1, 2007, the bookstore had the following books in stock:

  • The Contingent Object of Contemporary Art: Martha Buskirk-not in yet
  • Rhythm Science: Paul Miller-not in yet
  • Copyrights, Copywrongs, Siva Vaidhyanathan-5 copies
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Eric Raymond-5 copies
  • The Originality of the Avant-Garde, Roaslind Kraus-11 copies

Equipment Checkout and Tech Support

David Udris's cell phone: 401 339 3852

Checkout Tue 4-6, Return Thu 4-6

Checkout Fri 4-6, Rtn Mon 4-6


 Hoffman, Katherine, ed. Collage: Critical Views.

 Plottel, Jeanine, ed. Collage. NY Literary Forum.

Useful URLs

Our FlickrURL:
Yahoo! ID: opensourceculture
Password: stallman

Our Google Group:
Group email:

Course Blog:

  • Username = your brown user id
  • Password = mc170

Project Promotion Guide: A Guide to Promoting Online Art Projects

Student Presentation Suggestions

Critical Method: A step-by-step method for critiquing art works.

Tech Workshops, Tutorials, Etc.: A list of online tutorials, offline workshops, and other resources for gaining tech skills.

Open Source Culture Filez: a collection of articles related to open source culture:

Open Source Culture Mediography:

Comedies of Fair Use Conference Audio Files:

A list of open source and free art softwares:

The Fair Use Network: 

Manuals for streaming media, distributed under a Creative Commons license:

OGLE: The OpenGLExtractor: Eyebeam's Open Lab has launched OGLE (i.e. OpenGLExtractor), a software package that allows for the capture and re-use of 3D geometry data from 3D graphics applications running on Microsoft Windows:

Open Source Sound Sources 

Second Life Links & Sites of Interest

Wiki (Confluence) Primer

Confluence User Guide

The Brown Confluence Wiki Demonstration Space


Steven McDonald, risd legal counsel, ip expert

Outline |Syllabus | Student Work |Texts |Production Two Manual

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