New Media Art Production Spring 07 - Student Work

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Update Project

Gaby Scarritt - Famous For 15 Minutes

Jacob Schuman - Four Pamelas / pi to one billion digits


Kari Lisa Johnson - Model for the teabar on the ground floor of Cybercafe Aubette

Gregory Souza - (µ7 w17h 7h3...

Sarah LaBrie - Isn't it Nice to Have a Computer that will Talk to You?

Alexandra Wyatt - A-List Complexion

Curatorial Project

Gaby Scarritt - I Need to Tell You Something

Jacob Schuman - What If We Played a War and Nobody Won?: Critical Approaches to War in Videogame Art

See review on

Kari Lisa Johnson - playing pretend---deconstructing the narrative

Gregory Souza - Video Game Glitch


Sarah LaBrie - See Me

Alexandra Wyatt - Visual Sound

Group Project

Alexandra, Gaby, Jacob - "Home"screen


Gregory, Sarah, Kari - Chronicle of a Spring

Open project

Gregory, Sarah, Kari, Gaby - Chronicle of a Spring

Alexandra - Visual Sound Re-visited

Jacob - Red, Green, and Blue

Course Outline | Syllabus | Resources | Texts | Production Two Manual


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