Matthew Jacobs - Panic

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Matthew Jacobs

A compilation of creative-commons licensed clips.  Download the audio.

In an age of less and less privacy, we are constantly finding new ways to share our lives and expose ourselves.  Whether we're showing pictures of ourselves on Flickr, posting movies on YouTube, or discussing current events via podcasts, we are sharing ourselves via video and audio to millions across the internet.  But what about our feelings and emotions?  How can we communicate the tension that accompanies many of our daily lives? This work is the opposite of most forms of 'life sharing' that exist on the internet.  In other projects (see Hacker Screenshot and presentation) I've explored digital representation and how we share our lives through technology.  In this work, I consider using existing media to share real world feelings.  Instead of providing a direct video or audio representation of my life to the public, I've collected freely available sounds to simulate emotion.
Feeling stressed? A heartbeat presides over the sound of a busy area.  What is being discussed?  Is it unsettling?  This short clip is meant to make the listener feel uncomfortable.

Panic is an aural representation of a mental state.  A selection of clips from the Free Sound Project were edited and mixed to recreate an anxiety.

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