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"Hacker Screenshot" 

You would be surprised how much you can tell about someone from the way they operate, organize and display their computer.  What does their choice of operating system say about them as a person?  Did he/she choose to run Linux because it's open source?  What kind of image did this individual choose to set as his or her background -- an image that will be seen countless times throughout a day.  What kind of color scheme is selected?  What kind of applications does the user use? 

In today's digital world, we often define ourselves by our virtual domain -- our desktop.  People post 'screenshots' of their virtual worlds on websites where others can admire or condemn their work.  Screenshots are rated by others.  Some are deemed beautiful, others hideous.  The personal desktop is artwork.  It is a collage of found media including wallpaper (which often found on the internet), the user's choice of layout for his or her operating system (including a selection of fonts, colors, window borders, etc.) and icons.

My found art is a Linux user's screenshot.   His or her choice of background, transparent terminal, glossy and polished icons, and use of multiple desktops say many things about this person.   While the owner of this screenshot might not consider it a work of art, I do.


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