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Market Research

  • What problem does this site/service solve?
  • How does it solve the problem?
  • Who does it serve?

Social Networks: J.Ro http://www.uspot.comCreate your own personal network on and start sharing music, photos, videos, podcasts, blogs and much more related to your own personal interests in common with an ever-expanding group of friends and contacts. was built in order to enable College and University students to create, share and communicate like never before utilizing the most comprehensive set of advanced tools ever assembled on one site. On the you can:

  • Connect with fellow classmates and friends on campus
  • Upload and share photos, music, videos and much more
  • Send out e-vites for your next performance or invite all your friends to a party or an event
  • Using any of your uploaded photos, send someone an e-card to say happy birthday or just to say Hi
  • Apply for your next job or post one, either way we give you the tools to make it happen
  • Create or subscribe to fresh new podcasts
  • Start a new group and invite all your friends to join in
  • Stay connected with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters
  • Chat with any of your friends using our built in chat client

Friendster: http://friendster.comLike most social networking services, registered users create a profile using provided fields and are allowed to search the global network for potential friends. Once a user has made a few friends, they are allowed browse their network by filtering other users by the n-th degree of their relationship. Notable features include blogs, video sharing, favorite internet radio station "sharing," global forum and integrated instant messaging client. The ability to list users who have viewed your profile stirred some controversy when it was recently implimented, causing some users to delete their accounts entirely.

Facebook: http://facebook.comProvides a service that appeals to those who desire for a social networking service which exclusively allows college students to join and provides a reasonable level of authenticity.

The Facebook dot com provides a basic social networking service which only allows those users who have an authentic university (.edu) email address to register. Only users from your school and friends are allowed to view your profile. Profile fields include current course list and "Spring Break Plans" in addition to basic and personal information. Interest groups of school-specific, as well as upcoming event lists. Users are allowed to specify the level of privacy of their profile.

Art Communities: Krystal

Rhizome: is an online platform for the global new media art community. Their programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways. They foster innovation and inclusiveness in everything we do.

  • specific for new media art (integrating contemporary art and new technologies)
  • preservation, presentation and creation of artists' work provided
  • member supported organisation - requires members' participation, e.g. guest curators, so that it is more of a community based filtering
  • offers group membership creating specific community
  • mailing updates to users, publications, calendar
  • login and subscriptions create greater sense of security and remains the ability to identify users (comments or postings)
  • quality of work is ensured through the submission process


Artgally builds and maintains websites for artists for a membership fee please visit Artist Suburbia to find our more about our services. Artgally is a complete artist community. All media of art is be found here. Children's art, Adult Fine Artists, The CSW Cyber Art & Poetry Show; an online juried exhibition of art & poetry from all over the world. We award cash prizes! Please visit our art resources page. Please come and meet the artists, and for a complete art experience, Come & Play on the board and check out the many facets of

  • wide variety of art work, but more based on 'traditional' forms of art, e.g. paintings
  • Artist of the year award
  • artists community developed as people are able to communicate with other artists
  • unique feature of having children's work published
  • tutorials for people who want to learn how to e.g. paint
  • offers games
  • appeal to a range of adult to very young users (based on the format/layout and display of website)

Art on the Net:

This is a virtual space where artists join together in sharing their art with others on the Internet. This site offers artists a place where they can have studios and gallery rooms that can be accessed via the WWW. This is a place where artists can come to learn how to get themselves and their art up on the Internet. It is also a meeting place where people can come to find out about art happenings on the net.

  • Gallery rooms
  • Current happenings
  • Artists include: Animation Artists, Poets, Digital Artists, Sculptors, Hacker Artists, Musicians and Bands, Painters,Video Artists, Performance Artists, Visual Artists, Photographers, Writers
  • Private collections - collectors share their collection at homes or offices
  • collection of artists' studios - links to all the artists' websites


  • users can join free membership or choice membership
  • free membership features: view and submit art, interact with other artists, have your own personal journal, get notifications and keep "favourites"
  • choice membership features: all free membership features + private message forum, special features in journal, tracker for users who visited your page, deviantMOBILE which is a tool that enables you to "set a mobile wallpaper" by sending the deviation (art work) you are viewing to your phone, faster surfing without popups, ads etc.
  • deviantART shop where users can purchase products that are made with the specific designs of users, e.g. mugs, postcards etc.
  • have to be 18 or above to submit service or purchase from the shop
  • print services
  • wide variety of art forms can be posted, but are divided into categories and subcategories. Users decide which category their piece of artwork fits in.
  • chatroom, opinion poll
  • daily deviation (recommended art work by a certain user; changes every time you reload) and deviousness (comment about a specific user by another user)
  • partners with many groups to create a very large community
  • users create own username and can have a 'profile picture' as a representation of themselves

EBSQ - self reprensenting artists:

EBSQ is an online art association whose members represent their own work to the public. Our mission is to foster an active community of independent artists, and to provide tools and services to bring our members greater exposure in the art market. EBSQ membership is open--we welcome artists at all stages of their career. All media and styles are welcome.

  • users can become an EBSQ patron or artist
  • 'Patron's choice award' - via votes (community based ranking)
  • send digital e cards with your favourite work
  • tools and a framework to its member-artists to create and maintain certificates of authenticity for their artwork. Tools are also provided for Patrons to manage their EBSQ Certificates online. (security and legitimacy)
  • monthly featured gallery, artists
  • zine - online art magazine
  • monthly shows open to all members - not application procedure, simply by creating work based on a theme, members add their own pieces to the shows by choice (exhibition, festival-like)
  • live archives- tutorials to learn how to make different types of art- e.g.felt making
  • auction bids for artwork, users can sell or buy work

Video Sharing: Matt

VIDEO SHARING This site allows people to post video content )along with other media) for the purpose of sharing it through a social network, online or otherwise. It also serves as a hub for general video content on the internet How does it solve it? There is an extensive system for searching the vast archive of video content. Videos are organized by the following headings: Explore, recent, Top Videos, tags, channels, search, and random Within each heading the search can be narrowed to include only submissions from your school or social group. Explore, recent, Top Videos, tags, channels, search, and random
Not that within all these options one can narrow a search to just content posted by friends or by school. Explore - represent all the options from the menu bar just on a page with several examples from each options Recent - Allows you to access the most recent videos posted Top rated - based on an average ranking of people who have viewed a video, not by number of hits. This leads to a lost of 5 stars. Videos can also be tagged similar to The site's "channels" are thematically organized streams of video content from content posted on the site. There is also a significant social networking aspect to the site. This network can be formed by the user or can be geared to a specific college or university when applicable. Social networks serve as a way of finding content. Who does it serve? All the additional "university" features implies that the site is geared towards college students. The site is not restricted to college student use (like the was for a time), but given the immature nature of the humor that dominates the video on the site the site is aiming at the youth market. The content tends to be commercial in nature or geared towards an immature audience, not to artists. Google Video What problem? Google video provides a very open platform for sharing video content with users all over the internet. It also allows for people who post video content to sell it to users as well as to offer it for free. How does it solve it? The site keeps with the simple google aesthetic. Videos can be searched thematically or generally. There is also a "popular" and "random" section. To uploading content is made easy with a downloadable software module but one needs to get invited to join google video to post. You are automatically invited to join if you have a Gmail account. The site has a fairly large archive of videos that can be searched by keyword in their titles. There seems to be a mix of commercial videos and home-made videos. There is a kind of Equality between them in Gmail The only videos that are set apart are the professional ones from networks that are for sale like iTunes. Unlike the site does not employ social networking to any significant degree. The user feels very alone on the site. Who is it geared towards Generally the site remains neutral on who its geared towards. Again there is an abundance of immature humor on the site that would gear it towards the youth market, but the site also features CBS television programs for sale. The site might attract adults but not for the same reasons. The site does not seem very artists friendly mostly because there isn't a good way to separate that content from the masses. What problem does it solve? Zippyvideo serves as a hub for video content on the internet as well and allows for free video hosting for up to 100mb. In addition it is unique because it allows for video to be uploaded anonymously. How is it solving it? Zippy video refers to itself as "your media sharing community" but its not clear to what extent community is at the center of the site The front page devotes much more space to signing up new members and uploading content then to displaying content on the site. This implies that the site serves more for people to display their videos and less to search for videos. Still its videos are organized by the following categories: Today's videos Random Videos Browse all Random features videos There seems to be a distinction between featured and non-featured videos on the site, but that is not made clear. The quick anonymous upload feature allows people to upload content without accountability. Within this upload module one can designate if the material is inappropriate implying that people can choose to filter out inappropriate content when browsing the site. Who is it geared towards? Again the site doesn't specify the age of its target user, but one can assume that because the bulk of the content is immature the ideal user must be too. It is worth noting that this site has put the most emphasis on adult content I have seen. This does not necessarily mean that it has the most but simply that it has a very clear internal structure for organizing it. What problem does it solve? Users can post video content that cannot be shared on the site. Users can direct whomever they choose to their content but users can not search a general database. The site also boasts an easy uploading interface. How is it solving it? Users can create a free account (with limited storage size) and start uploading photo and video content to the site. It will also organize the content that you have uploaded so you can display it on the site. Because videos remain private there are no general searching features The principle selling point of the site seems to be it's easy to use "Drop Box", which allows the user to drage media files from their desktop right to the site. Who is this site geared toward? This site is clearly for people who want to post personal photos and videos. So the site is ideal for young adults, parents and families. Many of the sites considered have these capabilities but because content is not public, some adults might not consider it safe to post person content on the site. Parents might also not want their kids to be able to search through inappropriate content. The aesthetics of the site are very family oriented. The drop box feature implies that the idea user is not familiar with the typically upload interface and would need something simpler. This would be the case with a less computer savy adult. The found footage festival ( What problem does this solve? The found footage festival curates internet video content and presents it in a relatively linear form. User The festival actually screens the bulk of its content offline in real screenings but its curation concept is interesting. How does it solve it? The festival stared by people dubbing funny tapes that people would find and send around to their friends like zines. The internet provided a clear way for the festival to expand and to find new and interesting content. The focus of the festival is immature humor and there is not an artistic sensibility about its curation. The festival could easily be shown online in the form of a video podcast although it is not. The content in the festival seems to be regulated by whoever created it. There is little or not community participation in its creation. Who is it geared towards? Immature audiences who like immature humor. What problem is it solving?IFilm provides a like between what can be termed "user video" and what can be considered "professional video."
How is it solving it? IFilm is meant to be a hub for professional film and video. The bulk of its advertising comes from traditional film and television Still it is dominated by user uploaded content. This is under the "viral video section" This name implies that there is a grassroots selection process that has made this videos popular. Still within this section there is a further distinction made between user video and regular video. The assumption is that the regular video is of a higher quality but that is not always a case. The site meant to be used less as a personal archive and more as a hub for content. The site also features "channels" that must still be in development because that part of the site is not accessible. Presumably in this section content will be presented in a linear fom IFilm has also teamed up with Vh1 to present a show "web junk" which presents select content from the site in a weekly half hour VH1 program. Who is this site geared towards Although this site hosts some of the same immature content as other site there seems to be an air of elitism about it. Perhaps this comes from its use of the word film rather than video in its title. It also comes from the fact that it hides its "user content" far away from the front page. The use of the term film implies this site is for the more discerning internet video viewer. Although the site presents itself as perhaps a place for professionals to present their work. This is not the case. What problem does it solve? Atom films brings together the "best" or most professional short videos and films from all over the internet. It is a hub for the highest quality original content on the internet. It also provides several distribution options that go beyond computer viewing. How does it do that? All content needs to be submitted and therefore has to be approved by the controlling powers of the site. Since some of the featured films include professional actors, getting a video approved is no small feat. Although the system is not open, the site is known for having the highest quality video. Content is organized by the following themes on the site. Animation, comedy, music, extreme, action, and drama Although one can search for the "most popular content" it is the focus of the site There is also an Atom films "To go" section, where films can be downloaded in iPod and PSP format. Not all the content is free but that is to be expected given the quality of the site. Who is it for? Unlike iFilm, atom films may truly be for the discerning online video viewer. Although it has the typical internet-immature humor content it also seems to contain some more mature content as well.

Podcasting: Jhon

Mobile Phone Video: Kris

Traditional Media Sharing: Kris

"": http://www.mp3.comFamous for being the first to offer streaming and downloadable songs for millions of bands, both known and unknown. Searchable by band name, genre, region, area, label, or available in a billboard chart. Anyone with music can upload material to a page. Bought out by C-Net in early 2000s, now a subscription-based website with video content added. Had a sister site in, which specialized in video content with .mp4 videos, which were thought to be the next step in video formats. Dead and incorporated within the new

"purevolume": http://www.purevolume.comSprang up after the death of original as the premier site for free music available for download. Streaming source for mp3s that can be created by band/artist/performer/individual (three songs/page for basic free service), varying levels depending on support (i.e. from a label) which means more songs per page. Available for download at artist's discretion. Serves those who want free music and a readily available source for it. searchable by genre, band name, area, label, song name, etc. Purevolume offers:

  • Involved search engine for bands/artists
  • Unlimited downloads/streams for free
  • Three free uploads, pending approval
  • Charts for popularity and easy searching

"": http://www.hxcmp3.comHighly specialized site serving the same purposes as,, catering to the hardcore/metalcore genres. less aesthetically pleasing, but serves the fans of that genre well. offers:

  • Links to news at
  • Search engine for bands/artists
  • Unlimited downloads/streams for free
  • Charts for popularity and easy searching
  • Free uploads, pending approval

"Multiply":"Unlimited storage" for blog, music, video, photo storage. Ability to share materials (music, videos, photo) via a message board type system. Live discussions on materials. Adjustable levels of privacy can allow user to shift from those strictly within the personal network, selected individuals, or the entirety of the multiply network. Multiply allows for:

  • Unlimited storage for blog, music, videos, photos
  • Extensive networking, user adjustable settings for privacy

"eMusic": http://www.emusic.comSubscription service with an ACTUAL free trial (not a hoax) that is geared toward independent music fans (smaller labels, touring bands, etc...). Compatible with all platforms (mac, windows, linux), works in conjunction with live music venues for live shows, records nightly and uploads them to the network, always adding catalog content. eMusic offers:

  • Actual free trial, subscription service/plans that is inexpensive but effective
  • Very wide selection for live shows and full albums
  • Searchable content by band name/label/genre/area/venue, etc
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