Machinima Depictions of Warfare

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The Art of War: Machinima Depictions of Warfare

   (Screenshot from Tim Hylkema's "Permeation Oilfields")

    "The Art of War: Machinima Depictions of Warfare" is an exhibition of 7 machinima films that feature different approaches to the subject of warfare.  Machinima, derived from the fusion of the words "machine" and "cinema", is a New Media art-form defined as filmmaking within the real-time 3D virtual environment of a video-game. Most video games tend to glorify (or at least trivialize) warfare by turning it into a kind of virtual sport with no real consequences. Although many machinima films adopt these uncritical gung-ho attitude, some machinima filmmakers have reversed this discourse by making pieces that reflect on the absurdity and tragic cost of warfare.

Visit the exhibition here.

(Screenshot from Nathan Moller's "Ours Again")


(Screenshot from Brian Berdnt's "June")


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