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 "i VIDEO the things that i do not wish to paint, the things which already have an existence"

MYMANRAY is a reinterpretation of Man Ray's 1920 photograph of a sculptural collage entitled "Clothes Stand". The arrangement of MYMANRAY was meant to resemble that of the earlier photocollage in its entirety. A clothes stand was used to support the collage of the face and arms and a nude model stood behind it. The final layout of the sculpture and its deconstruction were recorded with a digital camera allowing anyone viewing the video to play it or pause it at any point in time.MYMANRAY thus allows for the existence of stills within the video-as the viewer can pause it at any time- reconnecting with the photographic nature of the inital sculpture collage. Ultimately MYMANRAY completely breaks down the sculpture collage. While Man Ray "fused the female body and the doll-like construction", MYMANRAY reveals the faces of the model behind the stand and the artist, as evidence of the contemporary obsession with the surveillance of identity, whether one's own or other people's.

Finally it is my pleasure to present to you:

-Quotes and description taken from the Taschen edition of "Dadaism" authored by Dietmar Elger-

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