List Remix Workshop and BYOMP3 Dance Party

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Alexis, Lucy, Maribeth, Samantha

List Remix Workshop

May 10, 2006:
We conducted a workshop at AS220 on GIMPShop, Open Source Culture, and Remix Art.

Two high school aged students attended. The workshop consisted of a brief discussion of open source software and Gimp as open source. As well as a tutorial on Flickrand setting up individual Flickr accounts.

The students then were stepped through a hands on tutorial of how to use GIMPShop. They learned about layers, selection tools, brushes and stamps, and filters.

With this knowledge, the students then created individual remix collages using photos of artwork from the List Stairwell that were color corrected and available on a Flickr account as well.

Danielle's collage

Brittany's collage
A sampling of images taken from the List stairwell

BYOMP3 Dance Party

May 12, 2006: The second part of our project was a remix party.

The BYOMP3 Dance Party consisted of an effort to collect music from Brown students and Providence community members. The party was advertised in advance and people were asked to submit their favorite dance mp3 to the address.

At the party, a mix of the submitted mp3's was played. The event was very successful, and we recieved nearly 5 hours of music.

This party also allowed us to display the images created in the workshop as well as the photographs of the List stairwell.

In addition, using the Flickr tagging ability, we allowed the projections to be a remix collaboration as well. After the artwork was displayed, people were encouraged to submit a tag phrase.

The images related to this phrase were then displayed on the projection screen for a short amount of time. This too was a very popular feature of the party that people seemed to greatly enjoy!

Images of the Workshop

Promotional Posters

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