Kiera Feldman

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"Three Women and a Silent Friend" (Click here to listen)

Like many social networking websites, Livejournal offers the promise of friendship. Reinforce existing friendships or form new ones--all with the click of a button labeled "add this user to your friends list." Whereas other blog sites (,, etc) promise little more than an audience for one's writing, Livejournal aims higher: community.

Livejournal has a new feature called "voice posting." Dial a number and talk indefinitely--a therapeutic one-sided conversation, perhaps. Livejournal also offers a randomized stream of these voice posts. They call it FRNK Radio after Frank the Livejournal mascot (see below goat logo). Interestingly, the "random feed" function seems to be broken; all of the voice posts played on FRNK Radio are dated "11-03-2006." I'm especially partial to the late-night posts. There's something about hearing the sighs and vocal tics of strangers on a Friday night in November.

"Three Women and a Silent Friend" is a meditation on the meaning of friendship in a culture organized around, by, and through the Internet. It is an audio portrait of three women's experiences relating to family, the home, work, and women's roles.

Click here to listen to "Three Women and a Silent Friend"

-Kiera Feldman

(artist statement to be amended)

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