IDMP F05 Detailed Syllabus

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Link to Course Outline

Detailed Syllabus

Mon 9.5: No class (Labor Day)

Wed 9.7: Introduction to course

  • Review Course Outline and Syllabus

Mon 9.12: Digital Art from Paper to Pixels

  • Art projects:
    o Keith Obadike, Blackness for Sale:
    o Prema Murthy, Bindigirl:
    o Jodi,
  • Reading:
    o Christiane Paul, Digital Art (World of Art). Thames & Hudson, 2003. Introduction, pp. 7 - 25. On reserve at MCM office.
    o Mimi Nguyen,"Tales of an Asiatic Geek Girl: Slant from Paper to Pixels," in Technicolor: Race, Technology, and Everyday Life, edited by Alondra Nelson and Thuy Linh N. Tu, New York University Press, 2001, pp. 177 - 190. On reserve at MCM office.
  • Reading Notes and Quotes

Wed 9.14: Blogging Workshop

Some useful links:


  • Dadaism: there may not be enough copies at the bookstore, but there will be a copy on reserve at MCM.
  • I've also put a copy of Dada Almanac on reserve in MCM
  • Extra credit: do some research online on Dadaism and a Dada artist
  • Think about parallels between Dada and Digital Media art.
  • Due 6pm Sunday:
    o Create a blog, post at least one quote from Dadaism with a question or comment
    o Add your RSS URL to student work page IDMP Student Work
  • Due 3pm Monday (class time):
    o Set up an RSS reader and subscribe to everybody else's blog
    o Read everybody else's quotes and questions/comments

Mon 9.19: Dada and the Ballet Mècanique

Wed 9.21: Dada and the Ballet Mecanique, continued

Mon 9.26: From Pop Art to Net Art

Wed 9.28: Moblog/Flickr Studio

  • I'll be at the [Refresh conference]

Mon 10.3: Conceptual Art

  • Reading:
    o Roberta Smith, "Conceptual Art," in Concepts of Modern Art, edited by Nikos Stangos, Thames & Hudson, 1991, pp. 256 - 270. On reserve at MCM office.
    o Sol Lewitt: "Paragraphs on Conceptual Art," in Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology, edited by Alexander Alberro and Blake Stimson, MIT Press, 1999, pp. 12-16. On reserve at MCM office.
    o Sol Lewitt: "Sentences on Conceptual Art," in Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology, edited by Alexander Alberro and Blake Stimson, MIT Press, 1999, pp. 106-108. On reserve at MCM office.
  • Projects to review:
    o MTAA, 1 year performance video (aka samHsiehUpdate).
  • Reading Notes and Quotes

Wed 10.5: Moblog/Flickr Studio

Mon 10.10: No class (Columbus day)

Wed 10.12: Moblog/Flickr crit

Mon 10.17: Appropriation, remixing, and open-source culture

Wed 10.19: Podcasting studio

These are the basic steps to setting up a podcast:

1. Make or get an MP3
2. Upload it to a Web server
3. Create an XML file with RSS tags that points to the MP3 file
4. Upload both the MP3 and the XML file to a Web server
5. The URL of the XML file is the URL of the podcast

You can find lots of detailed instructions online, including how to record audio, how to edit audio, how to convert a file to MP3, how to write an XML file, etc.. I thought this one was particularly good:

These are the steps for setting up a podcast using

1. Make or get anMP3
2. Sign up for an account at
3. Sign up for an account at
4. Click on "Publish My Media"
5. Select "Audio"
6. Choose your file, fill out the form as completely as you can, and click "submit"
7. Wait...
8. When the upload is complete, copy your podcast's URL by control-clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (windows) on the orange RSS link near the bottom of the page
9. You're done!

How to subscribe to a podcast using iTunes:

1. Select "Subscribe to Podcast" under the "Advanced" menu
2. Paste the RSS URL

Podcasting from a phone (mocasting?):

How to podcast using your Blogger account (not recommended, but possible):

Mon 10.24: Hacktivism and Corporate Parody

Wed 10.26: Podcasting Studio

Mon 10.31: Podcast Crit

Wed 10.2: Podcast Crit Continued

Mon 11.7: Identities: Race, Gender, and Ethnincity Online

Wed 11.9: Review Draft Proposals

  • Draft of final project proposal due today
  • Students present ideas, get feedback

Mon 11.14 Survivor: Digital Media Edition

  • Present final project proposals to Tribal Council of Brown and RISD digital media faculty
  • Three surviving projects get produced
  • Special prize for highest Google ranking

Wed 11.16 Final Project Studio

How to promote your online project.

Here's a Guide to promoting your final projects

Mon 11.21 Final Project Studio

Wed 11.23 Final Project Studio (optional)

Mon 11.28 Final Project Studio

Wed 11.30 Final Project Studio

Mon 12.5: Final Project Studio

Wed 12.7: Final Project Studio

Promoting your final project. See the Guide to Promoting Your Online Project

Mon 12.12: Survivor: Digital Media Edition

  • Tribal Council crit of final projects
    o Todd Winkler, Music Department, Brown University

Wed 12.14: Final Meeting

Additional Readings

  • Huyssen, Andreas: After the Great Divide (selections)
  • Antin, David: "Video: The Distinctive Features of the Medium"
  • Bush, Vannevar: "As We May Think" in The New Media Reader
  • Burnham, Jack: ["Systems Aesthetics"]
  • Sterling, Bruce: "A Short History of the Internet"
  • Lister, Martin et al.: New Media: A Critical Introduction (selections)
  • Galloway, Alex: Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization
  • Greene, Rachel: Internet Art (selections)
  • DeLanda, Manuel: "Markets, Antimarkets, and the Internet," in README! also Mark Dery?
  • The American Mavericks: Georg Antheil's Ballet Mechanique (radio program)
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